Thursday, June 20, 2013

Eternal Youth!

This morning we got a bit of a sleep-in, which was wonderful and much-needed. Then we met up with the Eternal Youth club at the church, the group of elderly church-goers and some friends. They taught us how to bowl, but it wasn't ten-pin bowling. In this game, you had to bowl a ball around a stick of wood and get it closest to this other little ball. None of us were all that great at it, but it was good craic and they were all very patient teaching us. Afterwards we had lunch with them.
In the afternoon we headed over to Rushmere's shopping center, where I quickly found the bookstore. That was where Katie and I spent the majority of our short time there, while Elise went straight to Starbucks and Libby and Brianna went to T.K. Max (instead of T.J.). Mrs. Susan went off to search for a nativity.
We went for supper at the Suitors' house, which was delicious. They also have two adorable little dachsunds and one wee boy named Elliott. Precious! And the other four members of the family were great too, Mrs. Suitor, Holly, Holly's husband Norman, and Rachel (Elliott is Norman's and Holly's son).
And then Day 4 of Holiday Bible Club! It went very smoothly tonight (at least my group did)! I received a lot of encouragement from a few of the kids tonight who were able to recount the story to me and helped me diagram a Bible verse on their worksheets. And then there was another boy who came up and said he was finished while I was helping a girl. I told him he could help her with hers if he was already done, and he happily did so. Later, he also held the door open for the rest of the group. Little things like that just make me really happy.
The night was also a success in that I had to be in the drama, and I didn't forget any of my lines. Thank the Lord!
After the club, the Ballygawley teens and the Americans went to Knockmanny forest, a giant hill that overlooks all of Ballygawley and beyond. We went there last year and had lots of craic and took lots of pictures, but this year the midgies were out. Midgies are kind of like a cross between gnats and mosquitos. They're awful. So we hiked up to the top, took a few pictures, complained about the bugs, and then practically ran back down.
Tomorrow we'll visit Richmond Primary School again for just a few minutes, then hopefully head over to Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge, one of my favorite places in Ireland! Tomorrow night is the last night of Holiday Club, and it'll have extra features such as parents and food and dancing. Mr. Paul even convinced us Americans to sing something... even though none of us teenagers claim to have any kind of talent in that area.
What you can pray for: A few of us are still feeling iffy, and we're all a bit paranoid about getting sick, so please continue to pray for our health. And of course, rest as well. We can never get enough of that. Also pray for the kids at the Club, that they would remember everything that happened this week and not only have fun, but feel loved as well. Please pray for us as we dance and sing tomorrow. You can also pray in general for the people here in Ballygawley. They're good people.

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