Friday, June 28, 2013

The Finale

After prep work and prayer at the hall, we went shopping and then to Carrickfergus castle. It's one of Elise's favorites, and the rest of us had never been there before.
But... it wasn't open. Kenny had mentioned that it might be closed due to filming of Game Of Thrones (which they are filming at Titanic Studios), but then it turned out it was closed due to filming of some scifie movie, Our Robot Overlords. Never heard of it before. But there were lots of interesting people running in and out of that castle, so that was cool.
Then we headed out for our final Holiday Bible Club...
My group was kind of rowdy tonight, and there weren't very many kids there at all because everyone was leaving for their summer holidays. But we enjoyed our time with the kids we had. After the regular program, the parents came and the kids did their theme songs and recited the memory verse and the Bible Points of the week. We gave Margaret a gift from the whole team, and then we danced a few pieces. Elise later told us that the children were entranced by the dancing, which is always an encouragement.
Speaking of encouragements... Bradley was back! The little boy who accepted Christ last night came back! We gave him a Children's Bible, and he was really happy all night long. It was such an encouragement to see him walk in.
Not very many teens showed up either, but we had fun with them too. We played some hockey and taught Alex how to linedance, and we sat around and talked a bit too. I wish we had more time with them... One week is such a short amount of time, not nearly long enough. But I suppose I'm also ready to be home.
We helped clean up the church hall, and then regrouped back at the cottage to pack... Tomorrow we leave for Dublin, where we'll stay until Monday... when we fly back home.
What you can pray for: Please pray for the church of Kilmore, that it will spark back into life. Pray that this won't be the end for those kids and those teens, that seeds will have been planted and that those seeds will grow. I wish I could list each and every one of them by name. Please pray for safe travel for us tomorrow as we drive the hour and a half to Dublin.

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