Sunday, June 23, 2013

Holiday Club: Round 2

Elise tried to go to church this morning with us, but didn't make it for very long and had to go home. But she is doing much better, just not quite all the way there yet.
Aside from Elise, everyone participated in the service that morning. It's a little weird, because at the moment, the church of Kilmore doesn't have a permanent minister, so I'm not sure what they normally do on Sunday mornings. But Mrs. Susan shared her testimony and Libby prayed and Brianna did the children's talk. Katie was interviewed which led into she and I performing one of our pieces, which was really interesting because we arrived to find our dancing space about 5 feet across and 3 feet deep. We managed, but it was... interesting.
There was also a lot of singing, which was beautiful because they have a piano player and a violin player and some clarinet players and a guitar player. It was all very beautiful and everyone was very nice.
We spent the afternoon lounging around, which is always nice. Then we went and had dinner with two very nice people before going to the evening church service at Edengrove, the church where Scott preaches. Scott is kind of the director of this week's Bible Club, but we still haven't met him... Anyway, the idea was to go to Edengrove and hear him preach and meet him, but it turned out he wasn't there. Still, the service was very nice and they seem to be prospering. The praise team in particular was amazing. They sang a lot of songs, but my favorite was Bless The Lord, Oh My Soul. It was so beautiful.
It was around that time that we discovered some shocking news: no one else from the church is helping out with the Bible Club. Yup, it's just the six of us. And no one has anything planned... it's all up to us. Of course, Scott might have a few things up his sleeve, but we still haven't met him, so we can't really plan on that.
Edengrove had done the same Bible Club the previous week, so they had just finished with all the decorations and craft stuff and everything. They had around 200 kids though, and still had stuff left over, so they offered it all to us. Since we anticipate 25 kids at the most, there was plenty for us. We spent a little while gathering that stuff up, then went to take a look at the church hall. All this time we were formulating plans and coming up with ideas for games and lessons and figuring out how we could do music and everything that makes a Holiday Bible Club a Holiday Bible Club.
We went back home and continued planning, accompanied by oreos, peanut butter, and nutella. We came up with some pretty good stuff, and we all feel fairly confident in what we've got planned. Katie's got the games, Brianna has Bible Story, Libby has craft, and Elise has worksheets. Mrs. Susan and I will be with the different age groups.
We still don't know how many kids we'll get. Could be five, could be twenty-five. But whoever comes we will welcome with open arms!
What you can pray for: Please continue praying for Elise's health. Tomorrow she has a hospital appointment to do some more tests. Libby also has a bit of a cold, so please pray that it won't get worse and that the rest of us stay healthy. With such a small team, it's crucial that we don't all get sick at the same time. Also pray for this week's club, that we will remain calm and cool and give it all up to God. Please continue praying for the people in Ballygawley, and also the people in Kilmore.
Another big thing you can be praying for is a permanent dance ministry in Ireland. The idea has been floating around in Elise's mind now for several years, and when I first went on the Ireland trip, I too was totally into it. Now, though, I'm not so sure God is calling me to move to Ireland and teach dance. Katie, however, is another story. Please keep this big step and big idea in your prayers.

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  1. We are all praying every day! God give you grace and health and wisdom.