Saturday, June 22, 2013


Any plans that were made to happen today kind of went out the window as we discovered that Elise, our team leader, had gone to the hospital earlier this morning. She'd woken up with severe abdominal pains and her host family had called an ambulance. Katie and I had no idea what to do, but we eventually got in touch with the Nick Cooper, the minister at Ballygawley, and got some details.
They still didn't know what was wrong, but in the meantime, we were to stick to the original plan. So Katie and I joined Brianna and Libby at the Coote's house, where we just kind of chilled all day and waited to hear more about Elise.
It wasn't too long until we found out that it was a kidney stone. But they said it's not too big, so it should pass by itself and Elise was free to go. So we're now in Kilmore (near Ballynahinch), but Elise is still not at full hit points. Hopefully she'll be back on her feet in a few days, otherwise we'll all be a little lost.
In Kilmore, we're all staying together in a guest cottage. It's pretty amazing. We'll try to get some pictures soon.
Tomorrow we will be participating in Kilmore's morning church service with dancing, speaking, and prayer, then we might take a little ramble along the countryside before the evening service.

I also just found out that the hospital didn't charge a thing for Elise's care. Mr. Paul Coote talked to them, and they didn't charge anything at all.
What you can pray for: Obviously, Elise. Pray for strength and relief and rest. Continue to pray for the people in Ballygawley; leaving them today was rough on us all and we'll miss them greatly. Also pray for the people here in Kilmore as we all prepare for Holiday Bible Clubs starting Monday.

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