Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Lazy Day

We did more prep work this morning, and then Mrs. Susan, Brianna, and Libby went to Belfast for the Titanic Museum. Elise, Katie, and I stayed home for some much-needed rest. We spent the day in separate corners, reading, chilling, and catching up in our own quiet interests. It was lovely.
The Titanic Experience is a huge interactive museum dedicated to the Titanic. It's only been open for the past few years, and it really is pretty cool. It's easy to spend hours in there. If I hadn't been so tired, I probably would've gone again.
We're getting more and more organized as the week goes on. Tonight, we had a much better roll sheet and a more rigorous registration so we're getting better at knowing who is and isn't there. I was also promoted to music accompaniment on the piano, and though my skills are hardly impressive, it does help the theme song go a little smoother. We also have microphones, so now we can get the kids' attention way easier! By the end of the week, we might have perfected the whole thing.
After the club we hung out with the teens more. Yesterday Chris had volunteered to bring a Wii, but he was late so we started a game of Hot Potato, and then Volleyball. When he did show up he and I spent a long time trying to hook it up to the ancient TV in the Church Hall. Well, mostly he did. I offered a bit of input on where things were and who to ask for certain things. Eventually we hooked it up to Margaret's projector... but then there was no sound. And even though a few people stayed behind to play Mario Kart, the Wii was kind of a fail. Tomorrow we'll have speakers and it ought to go better.
Brianna shared her testimony, and we played Questions and the Walrus Game. It was still pretty fun, despite the Wii malfunctions.
Tomorrow we go to Downpatrick to walk around and enjoy the sights, then another Club Night and Teen Night.
What you can pray for: Elise did pass her stone! Praise the Lord! Libby is still recovering from her cold and I still have a constant headache, so prayers for health are appreciated. Please continue praying for the Club and for peace and strength and love for all of us. Please pray for Kilmore and Ballygawley both, and the potential dance ministry. And if I could ask for a personal prayer, I will be sharing my testimony tomorrow with the youth, and I'm not so good at that kind of thing. I would greatly appreciate a word of prayer for that.

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