Monday, June 24, 2013

Kilmore Club Day One!

Elise got up bright and early this morning for her doctor's appointment, but the rest of us slept in until nine when we headed over to the church hall to set up.
We decorated and planned and tried to figure out as much as possible. And we finally met Scott Woodburn, the neighboring minister! By the time he showed up, we had most of the work done. But he gave us sheet music and brought a button machine and eased a lot of our worries.
We then headed to Belfast and took a bus tour, which was very interesting. Unfortunately, car rides seem to put us all to sleep, so I wasn't the only one who nodded off for a few minutes in the middle of the hour and forty minute tour. But Belfast is a beautiful city with lots of history, from Queen Victoria's dislike of the town to the Catholic and Protestant conflicts.
We headed back for dinner, where we met up again with Elise, who is doing much better today. She still hasn't actually passed the stone, but now she knows the does and don'ts and seems much better. We headed over to start day one of Kilmore's Holiday Bible Club.
We ended up with 40 kids. That's right. 40. We anticipated 25 at most, and we got almost double that amount! We were worried we'd be overwhelmed since we have so few hands, but we weren't! The kids were wonderful and everything passed smoothly despite the surprises.
We now have everything reorganized for tomorrow to accomadate the unexpected number of children, and we're all pretty excited and encouraged.
After the club, we hung out a little with some of the teens. There was this giant beach ball Scott brought us, that was massive. We had a lot of fun shoving that around and trying to get it as high as possible. It kind of gave my hand a bad cramp though that still hasn't worn off...
We went inside and played a round of Telephone Pictionary, and then Libby told her testimony. Things are still a little awkward between us and the Kilmore teens, but hopefully they'll return tomorrow night and we can build some relationships.
Tomorrow we'll visit a primary school, go to Newcastle, and then do another night of Holiday Club.
What you can pray for: Please continue praying for Elise and the health of the whole team. Also, the children who attended and who will attend the club this week. Pray that those who came will return. Pray for strength for the team, that we'll remain calm even if we get overrun by children. Pray for the community of Kilmore, that we can get them more involved in the Club. And please continue praying for the people in Ballygawley as well. And don't forget the potential dance school in Ireland.

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