Thursday, June 6, 2013


As mentioned, Katie and I are leaving one week earlier than the rest of the team to spend time with some old friends in Monaghan. I haven't started packing yet.
We leave this Saturday, June 8th. We'll meet the rest of the team when they arrive June 15th in Ballygawley, where we'll run our first Holiday Club.
The Holiday Clubs have pretty much the same stuff as American VBSs: a lesson, some skits (which are called "sketches" in Ireland), a craft, game time, and a snack. Since our team is so small this year, we'll probably be spread pretty thin and we're all required to participate in the sketches, even those of us who aren't gifted in that particular area (moi, for instance). And the theme this year is a circus (yes, there are clowns and an incident that involves pies in someone's face)!
I'll keep you updated on what we're doing from day to day, and in the week leading up to the Holiday Clubs, I'll orient you on some things you might not know about Ireland! You'd be surprised at the number of words that have completely different meanings over there, not to mention the foods they don't have and the foods we don't have.
What you can pray for: lots of things are still being planned for, so you can pray for Elise as she coordinates with the churches and our previous leader Gregg. Also pray for safe travel for Katie and myself as we are leaving this Saturday.

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